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June 5, 1999
Added some links to about me page

June 4, 1999
Added info to sagittarius page

June 3, 1999
Realized that I don't always update this and I should (oops!)
Added more quotes to random quote generator
Updated coffee page
Added Mind-It functionality to this page.
December 11, 1998
Added "Feminist Pod Founder" to feminism page
Added links to emergency contraception information to feminism page
December 8, 1998
Added a Blurb and links to coffee page.
December 4, 1998
New look for front page and added random quote generator.
December 2, 1998
THREE new poems: seductress, muse, and shine.
to 'all in your head: living with a mood disorder' Bravenet search engine added
to feminism section: Added Link to feminist majority form that demands that tampons be made safe.
10.14.98: Won Best of pod, Medical Pod, for All in your head: Living with a mood disorder
September 29, 1998
to 'all in your head: living with a mood disorder'
new: women and depression
(also linked to by feminism section)
August 20, 1998
updated and improved: web page design resources
August 19, 1998
new: cards from lisa's mind
fixed: link to why i am a feminist
August 17, 1998
updated: about me
won: best of pod, mental health pod.
August 13, 1998:
to 'all in your head: living with a mood disorder'
added: getting my life back and hospital
August 5, 1998:
added: this page
updated: webpage creation links . added a whole bunch of information from my bookmark file.