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sagittarius is a mutable fire sign

who is sagittarius? from the yastrologer . . . a basic introduction and some tidbits: famous sagittarians, animals, places, etc

current horoscope from the astrology zone . . . (which is a fairly spiffy site worth visiting)

Linda Goodman on sagittarius, from Sun Signs

AstroAdvice is a free service to get a comprehensive online reading (and one of the few online that takes into account more than just your sun sign). It is not the most simple of readings, but I personally would rather too much information than too little.

The following is excerpts from my self-analysis from astroadvice.

You are likely to jump into relationships just as fast as you will end them. You love to experiment with romantic opportunities and find it hard to resist sexual temptations. (66%)Yep. This is me.
You will experience romantic disappointments throughout your life if you don't use discrimination when picking your partners. (16%)Who isn't this true of?
You will have a hard time seeing eye to eye with any partners you have throughout life. Compromise will be necessary in order to have a lasting relationship. (27%)Duh.
You will never shy away from the things that you need to attend to. You will never hesitate to ask an older relative or friend to help you. You are a loyal friend and lover. (92%)Although sometimes I have a hard time asking for help, The rest of this one is very true
You don't like to make moves. You will renovate or add on before you will change residence. You build your life and your business on a solid base. You dwell on security in your life. (25%)Well, moving sucks.
You are honest, loyal and straightforward.You will be responsible for family members who need your assistance. (91%)Such a good girl You are an ardent lover. You are extremely attached to your children and love to boast about their accomplishments. You like to get involved in competitive games and you are quite lucky in speculative investments. (75%)Its kind of odd how they put ardent lover next to children
Your health must be watched carefully. You mustn't over-do-it at work. You need to take time to regenerate both physically and emotionally. You need to practice good dietary habits. Expect power struggles with your colleagues. (50%)Hmm. This is all too true.
You like high tech work. You do well working in specialized fields. You get support from your colleagues and you are capable of doing an amazing job. In health you will lean to unusual methods of treatment for any ailment you encounter. (50%)Such a geek girl am I
You take great care in all that you do. You have a lot of respect for those you work with and will always contribute details above and beyond what is required. You are a perfectionist and sometimes miss your deadlines because you just don't have the time to do things the way you would like. (75%)My mom would never believe that I can be a perfectionist
You will jump from one place of work to another. Not because you can't do the job but because you get bored easily. You need a challenge in order to do your job well. You will meet potential partners through your work and are likely to get intimately involved with someone you work with. (68%)I get bored so so so easily
You are idealistic in your partnerships. You are likely to attract unusual or unreliable associates. You work in non-profit organizations. You are not easily liked due to your unconventional ways and thoughts. (50%)Unconventional? Me? ;)
You will have an innate ability to choose your partners wisely. You will have an interest in foreign cultures and occult subjects. (89%)Yep
You have the discipline to get through your educational pursuits and then jump into a job that is promising as long as you're willing to work hard. (87%)I sure hope so! You are traditional in your beliefs and rarely deviate from the opinions that were passed down to you by your family. You are interested in helping others but only if you feel they are worthy candidates. (25%)This is so not me.
You will join groups or organizations that are of an unconventional nature. You are attracted to the unusual when it comes to things that you like to do as well as the friends that you like to keep company with. (68%)Normalcy hasnever been my strong suit
You have many friendships throughout your life. You join a lot of groups and work well with everyone. You will never relinquish your unique personality by trying to copy or be like someone else. (75%)
You will join groups that are unusual in nature and you will always work hard for a cause that is somewhat unusual or abstract. (86%)
You are protected against secret enemies or wrongful actions. You get involved in groups that fight for the underdog. You are happy in your personal life. You recover remarkably when faced with health problems. (75%)
You will fall heir to a vast amount of information that can help you get ahead financially. You will be intuitive regarding your legal, financial and health matters and you can be successful if you present your ideas at the right time. (96%)OOOO! This would be nice!
You will achieve security throughout your life because of your ability to implement your plans quietly and also becuase you have no problems confronting authority figures.You are likely to act in secret often throughout your life. (89%)That's me - 007 Lisa
You have an intuitive wisdom that allows you to tap into the subconscious level of yourself and of others. You have so much empathy for others that you can usually help them find solutions to their problems. (75%)
Your enthusiasm, self-confidence and desire will help you accomplish your goals. You are a leader and you do have the courage to undertake endeavors that most people would shy away from. You at times, have a tendency to overdo things being impulsive, extravagant and a little careless. (50%)
You have a quick but changeable attitude. Your temper is erratic, and you tend to fly off the handle at an emotional level before you have all the facts. You are prone to minor accidents due to your impetuous nature. You are headstrong and find it difficult to listen to advice being offered. You are not the most disciplined person and you need to think before you take action. (50%) I almost never lose my temper
Your life will always be drastically altered by the individuals you form partnerships with. You attract people who are strong willed and domineering. You possess a just and fair outlook and have an intuitive ability which helps you gain insight into others. (25%)I like people who can stand up for themselves
You have such strong and passionate sexual desires. You become jealous, secretive and intensely emotional if you feel that your partner is not completely loyal. Your do or die attitude to romance can be quite unnerving to others. You can become resentful, bitter and revengeful if you feel someone has betrayed you. You like vivid art, heavy music and observing other people dance. (25%)

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