a shrine to myself

let's be honest . . . in essence, this entire site is about me. poke around enough and you'll learn a lot about my feelings, my interests, my problems . . .

but of course you're interested in facts. and how can i blame you? i'm a pretty spiffy chick. ;)

no, i am not related to elvis. although if you listen to my father i was named after his daughter. i don't believe that.

my birthday is Dec. 11, 1975 and I am a sagittarius .

my nose was pierced for a while, but i let it close up and now i have to get it pierced again. *sigh*

i suffer from a mood disorder . actually, two: major depressive disorder and dsythemic disorder.

i go to Douglass College of Rutgers University . i was supposed to graduate in May of 1998, but i'll hopefully graduate in May 2000.

i don't particularly like capital letters.

i write a lot of poetry . some people have even told me that they like it.

i'm a feminist.

i get migraines. sometimes cause i don't eat or forget my meds. sometimes for no reason at all.

i like to read a lot. you can go to my bookstore if you care what i read.

i have fish. i spend a lot of my spare money on my new fish hobby. i like watching them. its relaxing. and they don't shed all over your black clothes.

i wear a lot of black.

i have a beagle named alfie. he does shed all over my clothes. but i love him bunches, so i don't care much. he's 13, which is kind of elderly for a dog.

here's a picture . i didn't say that it's of me.

Getting in touch . . .

email me: lisa_marie@earthling.net
ICQ me: #4352768 (don't have ICQ? download the software here: www.mirabilis.com )
Send me an AOL instant message: lmc4046 (for the software, go to www.aol.com )

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