Lisa Coppola


To obtain a challenging entry - level position that utilizes my intelligence, creativity, and desire to learn, while making a positive contribution to the organization.


Douglass College, Rutgers University

1994 - 1997
New Brunswick, NJ
Women's Studies Major - expected date of graduation: December 1999
GPA: 3.0


Computer Knowledge

My customer service skills

include the ability to maintain composure when dealing with difficult customers, creative problem solving skills, and a pleasant attitude, courtesy and tactfulness.

My writing skills

include the ability to present a well thought out, organized argument in clear, easily understandable language.

My leadership skills

include the ability to organize, track and delegate projects.

Work experience

February-November 1997 Burger King, Raritan, NJ

Summer 1996 Lucent Technologies, Warren, NJ

Intern in software deployment organization

Summer 1995 Shoprite , Clinton, NJ

Volunteer experience

The Women's Support and Resource Center, New Brunswick, NJ

Performed various duties, including Hotline Counselor (1994-1997), Treasurer (1995), Co-Director (1996), and Trainer (1997). My accomplishments included managing approximately 50 volunteers, and successfully training a class of 12 women to be hotline counselors.

Awards recieved

References furnished upon request