why i am pro-choice

Until women can have complete control over their bodies, we will not achieve equal opportunity to achieve whatever it is we desire. We will be slaves to our bodies.

We need more effective contraception, we need equal access to safer sex information, and we need to teach young women to respect themselves enough to say no to sex without protection.

And still that will not be enough.

We need to be able to know that our boundries will be respected, that we can walk down the street at night without fear of sexual attack. And more importantly, that we can be safe in our own homes.

Abortion is not a panacea to the problems in this society. But it is a right that needs to be protected. An unwanted pregnancy is hard enough to deal with without further reducing the choices available. After all, a less than desireable alternative is better than none at all.

Women will attempt abortion whether or not it is legal. Can we stand by and let women go to butchers and be mauled? Is this a better choice? No. It is no choice at all.

Furthermore, how dare anti-choicers tell me what I can and cannot do with my body. How dare they? Its my life, my body, my uterus.


The Feminist Women's Health Center abortion information
planned parenthood online
National Abortion Rights Action League

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