some of us have forgotten our wings

	not wings of angels
			majestic, white, barren:
		how sad that would be
		what pressure
					:for nothing
		what sacrifice
white robed white winged
	white white white white white
is that good?or right?
	-might is right-

nor wings of devils
			blackened, reeking, batlike, clawed
		ugliness = 
	pure evil(so simple 
   it is
			      but what is ugly/is beautiful
? - the mighty decide)

						(no; not angels nor devils we)

-might is right is beauty-


II wings remembered ache painfully confined beneath skin and bone and misuse remembered wings itch twitch yearn to fly (for the first time or thousandth it matters not; they remember how ) it is we who forget. in forgetting, we stumble about. in forgetting, we destroy ourselves.
III -phoenix- destruction-broken-not whole and I crush my bones to powder I will rise tear eyes from sockets to pound into blood wine I will burn myhairmyclothesmyflesh I will til all is dust will rise rise again dust to dust I will rise again birth to rebirth again reborn darkly opalescent I will rise from ashes from dust I will rise spread shimmering wings rise again shake off the afterbirth of rebirth rise again reborn
IV and again I shall fall.