eve: the beginning

	did they tell you that you were evil for tasting of the fruit?

did they tell you that you were foolish and weak willed--
		--a typical woman?
	and punish you with the power to give birth
			the ability to die
				and lust?

--did you believe all their lies?

				(they still do not want us to know--
						our knowledge is of their weaknesses)
			did they think us too stupid to see?

	did they force you to forget the names of your sisters
		diana isis ishtar kali artemis aphrodite
	put horns on your god and call him a devil
and have your goddess the cause of it?

	(a snake constantly reborn
			shedding her skin
		reborn this time as evil incarnate)

					first woman/all women

how long have we believed in their lies?

					lust and birth and death and knowledge 

	they used our fears for control
				(told us we were dirty)
			our fertility was theirs
			because they told us
					that what is natural is evil

		(and we believed because we had no choice
								--except the burning)

			but no more!
	my body is mine
			breasts and thighs and clit and hips

I eat again from the tree of knowledge
	and I remember you with thanks in my soul

			first woman/all women

	somehow I think that my lust is no sin
					giving birth no punishment
			and death a chance to be reborn