you've got a hole in your nose!

yeah, i finally did it . . . i got my nostril pierced. i guess i had wanted to get it done for four or five years. i finally had the nerve and the money and the opportunity to get it done all at the same time.
i was up in boston at the time, visiting a friend of mine from high school with two other friends. and i saw a place that did piercings. and i said 'i'm gonna do it.' so i went in a made the appointment for later that afternoon (they couldn't just do it unless you wanted the gun, which couldn't be fully sanitized).
we got there early and i had to wait around. i was so nervous that i thought that i was going to pass out.
then it was my turn and we (my friends and i) went into the little room that they did piercings in. the guy cleaned my nose, which was a strange experience (imagine having someone else put their finger in your nostril), marked the spot and it was time.
it didn't hurt that much. it was worse than getting my ears pierced, which didn't hurt at all, but it wasn't unbearable at all. he took the needle (which was maybe an eighth of an inch in diameter and three inches(?) long) and, with a twisting motion, pushed it through. i sorta tensed upfor a second while it was going through, but that was all. i think my friends were more traumatized than i was.
then he took it out and started to put the jewelry in. i laid down cause i felt kinda lightheaded . . . i think it was nerves more than the actual experience. and then it was done.
it healed without incident, and i wear a little stud in it every day . . .