Medication Log

I offer this here for two reasons: because many people ask me how my medications have worked, and to illustrate one way to keep track of the meds that you are on and have been on.

It is important to remember that different people have different body chemistries and that medications work differently on different people. This is just how these medications have worked for me.

Medication Dosage Effects on Mood Side Effects
Prozac 20mg - 80 mg Hypomania at first, then mildly positive effects on mood Loss of appetite (major), sleep disturbances (minor), nausea (at first)
Zoloft 50mg - 175mg None (or mild and then constantly declining:
I ended up in the hospital on this medication)
Effexor 75mg - 300mg Most promising thus far. Positive mood.
Minor 'dips' from time to time.
Currently seems to be declining. (1/28)
Headache (including migraine). (seems to have disappeared)
Sleep disturbances (major). Vivid dreams(major, but entertaining).
If you find this helpful, please let me know . . .