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General News
CNN Interactive
New Century Network
The New York Times on the Web
Mercury Center
USA Today


joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery
Take the 1.44M Web Challenge!
PC Magazine Online


Free fonts, TrueType, OpenType - Microsoft Typography
Web Review -
Georgia and Verdana Fonts
Web Review - Putting the Best Face Forward


Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shareware, Drivers, Tips, and Information on the Internet!
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations!
FreeThemes World Wide Affiliate Site Locations!
Galt Shareware Desktop Themes, free downloads of shareware desktop themes
DOWNLOAD.COM -- Toolkits
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center
YAFAP - NBMC Man Page Online
Arachnophilia Home Page


Computer Shows and Sales - KGP Productions
MarketPro Computer Show and Sale


Welcome to, Online reseller of personal computer hardware, peripherals, accessories and off-the-shelf computer software.
IBM US Employee Purchase Program


Java Education - Courses
The Java(TM) Boutique - Utilities
Creating Classes


antivirus online: Stopping chain letters & hoaxes on the Internet
Dodgy Dave's webpage resource thingy...
Monolith Internet Services
Computers/Internet: Web Monkey Feature Article Archive
Site Builder Network
Web Review - The Year in 'Review


HotWired: Web101 : Understanding your browser - a look under the hood Page 1
CGI Programming FAQ
The .NU Domain
The Secrets of Profitable Web Design and Promotion - Welcome to US WebSites-Website Design, Hosting and Promotion -
USyellow.COM -- Business, Technology, and Strategy
NetLingo: Smileys & Emoticons
NetLingo: e-mail - IRC Shorthand
Dr. Watson, v4.0

web fonts

CAP Online: The Best Choices for Web Fonts


Folder-Tree instructions
Javascripts, javascripts, and more javascripts - JavaScript Frequently Asked Questions
Webmonkey: javascript: Thau's JavaScript Tutorial: Day 4
HotSyte- The JavaScript Resource
IDM's JavaScript FAQ
JavaScript Reference - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.
JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive - Tip Repository


CSS reference table
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
Web Review Style Sheets Reference Guide
Web Style Sheets
CSS Frequently Asked Questions
Web Review - The Master List
CSSCheck, a Cascading Style Sheets Lint

HTML Reference

W3C HTML Validation Service
Sucky to Savvy, by Jeffrey M. Glover
CNET Features - How To - More Internet speed tweaks: 14 tune-up tricks - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.
Dynamic HTML Zone
HTML 4.0 Online
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
How do they do that with HTML?
The Compendium of HTML Elements A Reference Manual of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML).
Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference
Webmonkey: dynamic_html: Taylor's Dynamic HTML Tutorial

web color

Background Colors
ColorCalc (tm) V 1.1
The 256 colors of Netscape


CAST: Bobby
Guidelines for Accessible HTML Pages
Usable Web

Site Builder Network (SBN) Workshop Home


Paint Shop Pro Graphics Tutorials Web Page
The WDVL: Introduction to Paint Shop Pro 5 : Table of Contents
Paint Shop Pro Users Group Index and Information
Jasc Software Designer Studio
GrafoManiac - Paint Shop Pro Resources
i/us -- Chapter 5
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
PlugIn Com HQ - Free Plugins, Effects and Tools for Picture Manipulation and Digital Video Editing
PC Resources for Photoshop - Plug-Ins - FF Galleries & Collections
SBN Image Gallery
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics
Web Graphics on a Budget - Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tricks
Paint Shop Pro 4.12 Tips & Tricks
Jasc Software Designer Studio

directory and reference

Welcome to Merriam-Webster
Mining Co.
50 most useful sites of 1998
OneLook Dictionaries
The Ultimates
WWWebster Dictionary - Results screen
Roget's Thesaurus
New Mailing List
Amtrak's Northeast: Destinations
NJO: Middlesexweb
Welcome To TripQuest
The Daily Targum
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
Welcome to the Official New Jersey Transit Web Site
POST Directory Services -- Quick People Query
What do you want to know today?


Teach for America
First Community Bank - The ability utility
About Visto Briefcase
Universal Life Church Ordination Certificate
Vintage Vinyl:Steal This Book
Roadside America
The Answering Machine
Is there a difference between Wicca and satanism?
The Onion | 12 August 1998
IN Jersey Classifieds (Real Estate Rentals)
New Page 1
Parent Soup: Baby Name Finder
Scarlet Knotes Home
Apartment Inspection Checklist
Advanced Search for Vacant Rentals
Coalition on Donation - Are you an organ & tissue donor?


24" x 30" Prints
Northern Sun
Urban Primitive
HOUSE Pop-Culture Artifacts

tattoo ideas

EARTHLORE EXPLORATIONS - Encountering Legacies of Cultural History - The Main Introduction


Bulfinch's Mythology, The Age of Fable - Chapter 36: Modern Monsters - The Phoenix, Basilisk, Unicorn, Salamander.
Phoenix's Digital Gallery
Bulfinch's Mythology, 'The Age of Fable or Stories of Gods and Heroes'
Phoenix On Eliki
Phoenix by Dale Sprague [literary art,prose,philosophy,mysticism,avant garde,soliloquy]
The Dark Goddesses
Image: Louvre, The Phoenix Mosaic
The Myth of the Phoenix


The Vira Sadhana